Budapest Plastic Surgery Institute

The Budapest Plastic Surgery Institute was established with the goal of creating the first Educational Centre of plastic surgery in Hungary, in order to permanently develop national and international plastic surgery. With the aid of professional presentations and courses we are able to introduce the newest innovations and methods. It is also very important for us to give everybody the opportunity to have aesthetic operations or treatments. In the Budapest Plastic Surgery Institute we offer professional knowledge and experience as well as friendly prices.


Our institute is located in the heart of Budapest in the 5th district. The institute’s environment was designed to achieve a professional level. We know that our patient’s stay in the hospital always means stress and doubt for them, as they took a determining step in life, but we are able to help you achieve comfort. We believe that the comfort and safety of patients make the convalescence faster, and has a positive influence on recovery. We emphasize not only a professional attitude, but also the comfort of our patients. The equipment of the hospital rooms and the atmosphere achieves the highest international standards. 


Reasons for choosing us:

  • Individual prices and sales
  • All in one place: consultation, examination, surgery
  • No waiting, surgery might be in 1-2 days
  • Use of modern, high-quality materials
  • Products of the leading implant manufacturing companies
  • Internationally acclaimed plastic surgeons
  • European standards in facilities, exclusive conditions
  • Well-educated, patient-centered medical team
  • Within easy reach, in the heart of Budapest


Breast augmentation of Viktória | 2017.07.17

What has changed owing to the surgery? "I feel fine; I’m more self-confident now." {...}


Doctor replies



Zsanett | 2017.06.26

Trustable and nice medical staff and perfect circumstances.



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